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MohanGandham | Sunday, January 20, 2019 |

We are inviting Applications for Student, Scientists, Industrial people, Companies....

Role: To be an official Member and working as a Team member for Biotech E News and Marketing and Spreading awareness in society.

Benefits: To be a helping hand in bringing revolution in society.
Your name will be published in web.
You will be in touch with world leading Biotechnology People.

Send your resumes to:

Join Hands to Spread Biotech Waves, Join Team Biotech e News

1. Parth Agrawal
2. Sreeja Sreekanthan
3. Rakhi Harne
4. Manpreet Kaur
5. Sneha Srivastava
6. Ambuj Mishra
7. Manoj Kumar
8. Deepak Kumar
9. Ankit Verma